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At Kovachik Aircraft Services Ltd in Burlington, we know that a properly maintained aircraft is a safe aircraft. With over 54 years of proven skill and acquired knowledge, we want to provide you with the information you need to care for your aircraft correctly. We have gathered some helpful aircraft care tips that you can use to ensure it operates safely every time you take flight.

Oil Refills and Changes

As with all vehicles, regularly changing the oil and the oil filter of your aircraft is essential maintenance. It is important to stick to the manufactures recommendation regarding how often you should change the oil and replace the filter. We can help you top off your oil, and make sure that your aircraft’s engine has the proper lubrication to function properly.

Proper Windshield Cleaning

Maintaining a clean windshield ensure that you have clear visibility at all times when operating your aircraft. Instead of Windex and paper towels, which can scratch your windshield, you should only use products that are specifically designed to clean aircraft windshields. Using a soft cloth, apply the products liberally and spread it through consistent up/down motions. Do not use circular motions, as this can leave a halo-like ring that produces more glare. Use plenty of water to wash off the cleaning products, and be sure to dry your windshield using another soft cloth.

Winterization and Storage

At our facilities, we can help you store your aircraft from the first blast of winter to when the spring thaw finally arrives. There are several things you can do to make sure your plane will work properly after the winter, such as:

  • Replace the oil with a preventative oil mixture
  • Remove the spark plugs and spray the oil with the same preventative oil mixture
  • Remove the battery and store it in a warm location
  • Cover all vents and holes to prevent moisture, dirt and small critters from find their way inside
  • Cover the windows, blades and tail to protect against the elements
  • Keep the fuel tank full to prevent moisture from forming the empty tank

Contact us at Kovachik Aircraft Services Ltd for more useful tips.

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